Janaina Teles

BW Janaina Teles

PhD student, guest
E-mail: janaina.teles@umu.se
Phone: +46 70 367 72 54
Skype: janainatb


I´m a PhD student in Design at the Aveiro University in Portugal. My background is in Anthropology and Visual Arts. In past 10 years I have been working in research projects related with the production of meanings in traditional handcraft production in rural communities of Brazil, including artistic community interventions for social inclusion. Moreover, I have also been developing personal artistic projects on the scope of the urban performance, art installations and photography.

After five years working within the field of graphic design developing communication to support local public health institutions in Brazil, I went to Portugal to do a master in Design at University of Porto, where I developed a based practice research discussing design and gender issues, specifically the production of the identity of female immigrants. 

What I do at UID

In my currently working on my PhD research project, namely working with qualitative research methods that I am using to relate aesthetic experiences with processes of commoning in urban design practices.  My main research question is:  How can design contribute to generate temporary spaces where forms of negotiations are tested for processes of commoning? I am working with four case studies, two in Brazil and two in Portugal.

I am at the UID as a visiting PhD student during the springtime of 2017, when I intend to improve the methodology of my on going research experiencing an international environment of design research.

Talk to me about:

Artistic support
Anthropological methods
Graphic design
Social innovation
Participatory methods


Designing participation for commoning in temporary spaces: a case study in Aveiro, Portugal

Janaina Teles Barbosa, Maria Hellström Reimer, João Almeida Mota

Design activism in new scenarios for emerging cities: two projects in Brazil

Janaina Barbosa, Rui Miguel Ferreira Roda