Demian Horst

BW Demian HorstAssistant Head of Department, Director for Strategic Collaboration, Programme Director for Master's in Transportation Design
Phone: +46 90 786 9782


I am one of the international members of our fantastic faculty. With German roots but born in the south of Brazil where I got my bachelor education in industrial design, I have always been very curious about studying, working and living abroad. My career started in 1998 when, fresh from university, I joined a local bus design and manufacturing company owned by a family of Swedish imigrants. Several seeds were planted then. The importance of team work, knowledge about state of the art 3D design tools and awareness about the value of user centered vehicle design. In 2001 I moved to Sweden to specialise in the field and joined this school as the first brasilian to ever study in the programme. During my masters I developed great contacts that led to a Summer internship at Saab Automobile and to their subsequent support on my thesis project. After graduation I joined the applied research group at the school and got involved in a collaboration project with Volvo Trucks. From there I started to gradually shift my time and attention to assisting the transportation design programme. In 2005 I opted for a career move that meant gaining more insight into how the car industry works from the inside. I joined General Motors in Germany and for 3 years was involved in production design connected to the brands Opel and Saab. Late in 2008 I was invited to return to Umeå to be responsible for the MFA in Transportation Design, a role I have held with a lot of pride and enthusiasm ever since. 

What I do at UID

I am responsible for maintaining and developing the content and direction of our internationally established MFA programme in Transportion Design. Finding, preparing and carrying through collaboration projects with external partners are parts of my tasks. I work alongside the programme directors and lecturers and take active part in teaching and tutoring at the school. Besides teaching involvement in all courses from the TD curricula I often support students with my experience in digital modelling and visualisation. During recent years I have also been involved in reviewing and advising bachelor students during their portfolio course.

The school's yearly event to celebrate its graduate work is also a project I enjoy being part of. It involves planning and promotion to connect the professional world to the outstanding outcome from our degree students. UID'10, '11, '12, '13, '14 and our latest event UID'15 have been quite successful in projecting the school. This experience is one of the reasons for my increased participation in global decisions related to strategic collaboration at UID.

Talk to me about:

  • Product & Vehicle Design

  • Aesthetics & Form

  • 3D Modelling

  • Visual Communication

  • Storytelling in Design

  • General collaboration matters