CAID2 MC Fairing

Motorcycle Fairing

Right-click and "save target as" for the pics below.

Build the basic profile curves with only BLEND CURVES using the orthographic drawings. You must consider the continuity for the curves, especially the curves that are normal to the symmetry plane to ensure proper mirroring of the finished halves.



Build the main surface with birail. To ensure continuity at the axis of symmetry, copy the top and bottom curves of the fairing and translate the so that small temporary skin surface can be built. Make the main birail surface with tangent continuity along the axis of symmetry. Is it possible other methods to ensure the center continuity?

The fuel tank surface is now to be built using the top profile curve and a new cross section curve that you will build directly off the birail surface. First - ensure that the fuel tank profile intersects and provides curvature continuity with both ends of the main surface.

Then build the new cross section curve so that it intersects with your top profile curve and the birail surface. Ensure that the curve is tangent continous to the axis of symmetry as well as being curvature continous to the main birail surface.

Build the fuel tank (top surface) using one or more surfaces so that they are continuos with each other as well the main birail surface and axis of symmetry as required. Check the continuity with appropriate tool when the tank is constructed.

Add details to the motorcycle fairing in the same way. Start by adding a flared surface on the lower part and a recess surface on the upper part.

Then build the air intake. Start by building the small surface for the air intake by duplicating isoparams from the main surface and using the square tool. Pull the end CVs slightly of the surface inwards but maintain curvature continuity at the start of the air intake. Is it possible other methods available?

Add curves on surfaces to both the main and air intake surfaces. These will be the edges for the recess surface.

Add profile curves that makes contact with the curves on surface with the appropriate continuity. Then use these to build the connectig surfaces (square or birail). Is it possible other methods available?

Trim the surfaces and check your continuity. How can you check the continuity?


Good work!


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