UID students win three awards at the International Design Excellence Awards

Present and former students from the Masters programme of Advanced Product Design (APD) won three awards in the 2015 edition of the American International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) arranged by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

More than 1,700 projects around the globe, the majority of these professional work from renowned design consultancies and in-house design departments, entered the IDEA competition that celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. A behind the scenes insight to the work of the IDEA'15 design jury can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/138323291

 2015 IDEA 1 Carlos Gold

Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar was one of only three who received an IDEA Gold in the Student Design category. He won with his degree project IKO, a creative prosthetic system designed for children to explore and empower their creativity in a playful, social and friendly way. The project proposes a new mind-set from current prosthetics. Missing a limb should not be a disability for a child, when there is an opportunity to explore and augment potential by creating, playing and learning. The needs of a child with disabilities are not always related to physical activity but often to the social and psychological aspect; sometimes a functional element is everything they need, but other times it might be a spaceship, or a dollhouse, or a telescope, or a video game controller, or a swim fin. The project was sponsored and carried out in collaboration with LEGO FutureLab in Denmark and the Colombia organisation Cirec. Besides the IDEA Gold trophy, Carlos also received the SPI award, an extra honorary award from The Plastics Industry Trade Association.

For more information please have a look at the IDEA website.

2015 IDEA 2 Andreas Silver

Andreas Enebrand was one of four students to win an IDEA Silver with the concept RSX15 he developed during the term project LKAB Mining Project. RSX15 is the first respiratory mask designed to be attached to a standard safety helmet. Today, many industry workers are unaware of the dangers of small, airborne dust particles in their environment that may over time increase the risk for medical conditions such as asthma, cancer or heart failure. Respiratory masks are often not easily accessible, but with the RSX15 protection is always within an arms reach. One of the functionality criteria's that were addressed during the design process was that the worker had to be able to use the mask without taking off the helmet, glasses and headphones, something which todays existing solutions dictates. Another aspect that makes the RSX15 unique is its versatility and ability to be prepared to a large range of different working environments, legal demands or user needs or preferences. This versatility is achieved through the modularity of placing specific functionality modules in outer part of mask. The possibility to later replace and upgrade these modules is another unique feature that not only add value for both the buyer and the user, but should also extends the products lifetime.

For more information please have a look at the IDEA website.

2015 IDEA 3 Janis Bronze 

Janis Beinerts was one of eight to win an IDEA Bronze. He won it with his project Minimum, a concept for a luxurious and intuitive water tap that he designed during his first course at the APD programme. Minimum is an environmentally friendly bathroom faucet that brings user experience to a new level. Smart technology allows the hand washing process to be more pleasurable, hygienic and very intuitive. The sensor-based water adjustment system saves water as the faucet gauges where and how much water is needed. The user can adjust temperature and pressure instantly by directing hands underneath the faucet. Minimum works as a shelf as well, helping to keep the sink area clean and better organized. It is a simple design that suits various bathrooms, as the top platform can be personalized through different materials and colours.

For more information please have a look at the IDEA website.