"A place where people perform their best"

Kimberley Beauprez

UID Alumni Interview

Name: Kimberley Beauprez
Studied: IDI - Industrial Design Intensive (one year course), 2014-2015

Tell us about your final project at IDI!
The final IDI project of the year is a service design project. All throughout the year, we have been able to design in a wide range of media, going from product design, to ergonomics, interaction and even transportation, and now we have arrived to service design. We set out to find an opportunity for a service in the forestry industry here in Sweden - a very broad topic that led us to a lot of research and interviewing all actors involved.

Working in a team of 4, we decided to try and improve the communication between private forest owners and all other stakeholders from the industry.

What were your expectations before coming to Umeå Institute of Design?
As many others, I had heard of the school through its worldwide fame; it is known as one of the best design schools in the world. When I was in Umea on Erasmus in 2012, at Umea School of Architecture, I met some people from UID. Soon, I would discover a network of very skilled people that have worked hard and have been stimulated by the school to perform their best. Once I started here, I set myself the same goal: to perform my best, and soak up all I can learn from this place.

I found most my expectations correct, to no surprise, as I had been there before. But what I really learned was that you cannot come to UID, attend the classes and expect the formidable education you were promised. It is all about what you give it. You only get, what you give. In retrospect, I think I have learned more than I could ever have anticipated.

Would you recommend a friend to apply to UID?
I would, if they are willing to give it more than they think. It is also a very different kind of education than what most people would expect, I think.

Umeå and UID is a perfect place to make special memories; a bunch of crazy people, put together in a creative environment, of course you will have memorable times!


June 2015