Åsa Ståhl

Åsa Ståhl BWPostdoctoral researcher
E-mail: asa.stahl@umu.se
Portfolio: www.misplay.se


Studied a mixture of courses at Lund University (European ethnology, comparative literature and political science) with exchange semesters (Poland, France, Denmark). During my studies I spent a lot of time producing student radio and a literary magazine.

After an MA in Radio at Goldsmiths, Unviersity of London, I started working for Swedish Radio as well as various print media. I also started to exhibit work as an artist. At the same time I was involved in a collective called Laika, which developed web radio and a collaborative artistic practice.

In 2003 my collaboration with Kristina Lindström started off, which turned into an employment at the Interactive Institute in Växjö and our first joint exhibition, but more importantly into a long-term exploration of collaborative processes, storytelling, materialities, citizenship, public engagement, and democracy in relation to science and technology.

In 2008 me and Kristina Lindström started a collaborative PhD at Malmö University. Based on "Threads - a mobile sewing circle", a collaboration with the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions amongst others, we wrote a thesis which was defended in 2014: Patchworking Publics-in-the-Making. Design, media and public engagement muep.mah.se/handle/2043/16093


Between 2014 and 2016, I held a postdoctoral fellowship at Umeå Institute of Design. I do research on and through designerly public engagement in science and technology. My research specialization is in feminist technoscience and participatory design.

The interest in living with technologies and publics that was articulated in the thesis Patchworking Publics-in-the-Making has expanded to include also, what could be called, the bio. Or, more particularly the hybrid matters that we are all entangled with in different ways. See HYBRID MATTERs: www.hybridmatters.net


See: www.mobilsyjunta.se/ and misplay.se/


For non-Umu-publications, see: forskning.mah.se/id/k3asst

Particularly: mitpress.mit.edu/books/making-futures


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