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Industrial Design Intensive

Industrial Design Intensive is a one-year course package that runs over a whole study year, from autumn to spring term. The autumn term is dedicated to basic methods in industrial design with focus on the product design process, while the spring term includes basics in interaction design, service design and design management.

The goal of the course is that the student should acquire basic knowledge about, and understanding of, the methods and proceedings that are used within industrial design. Special attention is given to the product development process but other areas of industrial design are also integrated in the course, such as interaction design, service design and design management. The course is mainly focused on methods for analysing problems, methods for ideation and creativity and methods for visualisation, presentation and communication.

The course does not give competence to perform industrial design professionally but is aimed at giving students a basic competence of working within the design field. Upon completing the course students are well equipped to work in design related areas on the basis of their previous field of study and with specific knowledge of the design process.

If your goal is an MA degree after IDI studies, please note that in order to apply to a MA programme in Sweden, it is necessary to already hold a Bachelor level degree. The Industrial Design Intensive course will not give you a Bachelor level degree in itself, but is possible to include in a Higher Education Diploma.

Interviews with IDI alumni

Stina Jonsson Martin Willers, former IDI and BA student, graduated in 2009