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four courses

Industrial Design Intensive

Design process basics, 15 ECTS credits

The course provides an overview of and introduction to the methods and processes used in the field of industrial design and in the product development process. An introduction to visualisation techniques in 2D (sketching) and 3D (modelling techniques), as well as in graphic design, is given. Focus is on the design process in development of physical products and on the visualisation and communication of ideas and design concepts. The perspective of Design for all and sustainable design are introduced in relation to the design process. The aim is that the student understands and performs a basic application of design methods and processes in supervised projects.
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Design implementation, 15 ECTS credits

The course provides a deeper exploration into methods and processes applied in industrial design, with a special focus on ergonomic design, user studies and form development. The sub-course includes applied studies in project form, in which the main focus is on methods for analysis, problem solving and evaluation in relation to user focus, Design for all, ergonomics and branding in the product development process. Visualisation skills focused in the course include sketching and computer aided digital modelling and physical 3D modelling (sketch models and presentation models). A basic introduction to working systematically with colour in design is given, and an elective part of the course gives the student an opportunity to choose to develop specific design skills or areas.
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Interaction and expression, 15 ECTS credits

The course includes work in project form with the design process in interaction design and development of non-physical products, in relation to basic cognitive ergonomics, prototyping and visualisation through different 2D and 3D techniques. The course also focuses work with form, styling and visualisation in reference to transportation design, including modelling techniques, and integrating this in project work. During the course students work with producing a portfolio, and are trained in different graphic and visual tools in order to express personal skills as well as processes in a design professional context.
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Design communication, 15 ECTS credits

An aim of the course is that the student shall be able to communicate design problems, design processes, design concepts and the role of the industrial designer through different media and in different situations: in exhibitions, in oral presentations and in digital or printed visual and written materials. The design process in service design is introduced and a project in the area of service design is carried out, in relation to both product development and interaction design. Students conduct stduies of consultancies, companies and other institutions relevant to design management and design education, in relation to both design communication and the role of the industrial designer. The role of the industrial designer is examined from a strategic perspective and related to the historical context of the industrial design profession.
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