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MFA Advanced Product Design

Programme overview

The Advanced Product Design Programme provides the students with professional tools, methods and a creative mindset to work with the development and design of the best possible solution for a given problem or identified design opportunity. We aim at identifying and defining the problem before the conceptualization phase. Thus we emphasize problem identification and definition as the basic starting point in the design process.

The program is project-based and often carried out in collaboration with industrial partners, research units or local authorities. Most projects concern problems that the students identify themselves, problems that have not already been solved countless times by others. This implies less emphasis on trendy, fashionable consumer products and more on professional products for qualified users. This includes product areas such as the medico-technical industry, design for the disabled, professional tools and equipment, public services and equipment and a variety of product applications for emerging technologies.

A future technological perspective is often adopted in the program's term and degree projects, offering students and external collaborative partners opportunities to explore converging technologies together with new user and market scenarios, and develop a variety of conceptual solutions, based on a solid foundation of professional tools, and analytical and creative work methods.

We support and encouraged our students, either individually or in groups, to identify, define and document the parameters for a solution or product design interlinked with people-centered considerations, existing or new conceptually defined brand values and an intelligent use of technology.

Students who want to embark on the programme must have a basic level of visualization skills and understanding of industrial design. Through a string of practical skill-based and creative courses and term projects, the students will be introduced to and adapt a creative way of working and thinking throughout their studies.

International and Exchange Students

The teaching language is English and the course is open to international students and exchange students. When exchange students are accepted, they have been selected on equal terms as our regular students starting the autumn term of the first study year.

Field of Activities

The Advanced Product Design Programme prepares students for work as professional industrial designers. Many of our alumni are frequently employed at international design consultancies and in-house design departments in major corporations. 

Qualification Obtained

A degree of Master of Fine Arts. Main field of study: Industrial Design. Specialization: Advanced Product Design.

  • Facts & Figures

    14 nationalities. The programme has students from: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Serbia, The Netherlands and Turkey.

  • Recent internships

    Logitech, Switzerland. Philips, The Netherlands. NOVO Nordisk, Denmark. Veryday, Sweden. Whipsaw, USA. Nokia, USA. IKEA, Sweden. Swift Creatives, Denmark. Laerdal Medical, Norway. Phoenix Design, China. EGGS, Norway. Designworks, Germany. MNML, USA.