Future Intensive Care Monitoring

2020 Conceptual Product Solutions

10-week term project with Getinge 




The objective for the design study was to explore the potential for new design solutions for Future Intensive Care Monitoring by considering the known needs and new insights into the potential for improving vital signs monitoring of different kinds of patients in different types of therapy and recovery stages at an ICU. 

Work method

Despite the restrictions and limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, under safe conditions and taking the recommend precautions, a number of small student group visits were made at Getinge in Stockholm, at the Umeå University Hospital and the Clinical Training Center. These arrangements were made to gain as up-close understanding as possible of the medical equipment and the technology behind it, the context and working environment at an  intensive ward and the physical interaction with patients undergoing intensive care. 

Besides this, a number of remote meetings and tutoring sessions were frequently conducted throughout the project with both the collaborating partner, medical experts and tutors, this in order to support the four project groups that were formed based on the students' personal areas of interest which were:

• Next Generation ECG Monitoring
• Measuring Soft Vital Signs and Mental Health
• Early Mobilization and Rehabilitation in Bed
• Monitoring during Patient Transportation

Result and videos
The final outcome of the design study were four concepts addressing different opportunity areas within vital sign monitoring in an intensive care context. Small concept videos of the final result can be viewed below:

ARRAY - Next Generation ECG Monitoring
Jacob Jensen, Johannes Rieder, Marius Kindler, Tim Schwarz.


SOVA - Measuring Soft Vital Signs and Mental Health
Alexander Fries, Fabian Böttcher, Mehmet Mehmetalioglu, Mihkel Güsson.


EMI - Early Mobilization and Rehabilitation in Bed
Anna Gebala, Rafaela Stillner, Shuai Li,  Sonya Swan.


IVIO - Monitoring during Patient 
Anna Hing, Jenny Johansson, Natalia Ikebara, Richard Prossinagg.



External tutors:

Malin Grummas, Lead Industrial Designer (with colleagues), Designit.

Internal tutor:

Oscar Björk, Lecturer in Industrial Design.

Lectures and seminars:

Brendon Clark, Associate Professor in Design Anthropology.
Monica Lindh Karlsson, Associate Professor.

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.