2020 Degree Projects

MFA Degree Project in Advanced Product Design

20-week course


The design opportunities identified and addressed in the degree projects covered as diverse and challenging themes as: An easy-to-use tool kit to democratize the exploration of haptic features at an early stage in the design process. The introduction of a new type of FireGuardians that will use controlled fires to avoid uncontrollable wildfires in the future. A digitalized tool to introduce augmented auscultation in medical studies and training. A concept for future atherosclerosis treatment. The next generation treatment of leg ulcers. A concept for mineral exploration in remote settings. Hearable for new experiences. A personalized stress management set. A concept for the hardware for home studies. A kit to educate and train and prepare mothers-to-be for a better birthing experience and to avoid vaginal tears. A product vison to enable visually impaired to explore nature in free settings. And a proposal for a more humane hiring process and experience.
This wide span of new ideas and designs to improve and enrich our daily life is an indicator of the design opportunities just waiting to be identified and addressed by the professional industrial designer.


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External project tutor:

Tina Alnæs, Senior Industrial Designer, ABOVE.

Internal project tutors:

Oscar Björk, Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.

Exam advisors:

Mikal Hallstrup, Industrial Designer, BWD (Denmark).
Aina Nilsson Ström, Professor of Practise, Umeå Institute of Design.

Course responsible and examiner: 

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.