2014 Degree Projects

MFA Degree Project in Advanced Product Design

20-week course


The design opportunities identified and addressed in degree projects 2014 covered as diverse and challenging themes as; a creative prosthetic system designed for children, a smart and novel breathing protection for urban China, a new robot assisted solution for open surgery scenarios, ventilation solutions supporting the emergency care personnel, a product solution enabling people to back into small boats in case they fall overboard, an electric two wheel tractor for small scale farmers in the developing world, an fitness concept for urban environments, an autonomous diving companion documenting your experiences while you dive and a concept for future blood monitoring.
This wide span of new ideas and designs to improve and enrich our daily life is an indicator of the design opportunities just waiting to be identified and addressed by the professional industrial designer.

» Link to the 2014 on-line exhibition

External project tutor:

Steen Mandsfelt, Industrial designer, Denmark

External exam advisor:

Mikal Hallstrup, Chief Visionary Officer, co-founder and partner in Designit, Denmark

Course responsible and examiner:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme