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MFA in Interaction Design

Developments in Information Technology have challenged industrial design tradition by demanding a shift of emphasis from the idea of "product-as-object" towards the notion of "product-as-event" where the dynamic and interactive qualities of products and services need to be better understood in the context of human behaviour. This shift of focus has inspired us to develop our Interaction Design Programme and to initiate new areas of research in the design field.

It has become a major challenge for industrial designers to design useful and easily comprehensible products and therefore this has become an increasingly important part of industrial design education. The convergence of computing, communications and media has given rise to products and services ranging from mobile telephones to social media environments where functional and technological complexity have often resulted in confusion and frustration for users.

Our interaction design education offers exciting opportunities for designers to extend their existing skills into new territory where the focus is on people's needs rather than technological capability. Our vision for interaction design is not only about the design of the object but also about the object of design.

The students of the programme are running and updating the blog with various interaction design news and information.

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Niklas Andersson
Niklas Andersson
Programme Director
Interaction Design
Phone: +46 90 786 70 34


Parag Deshpande
Parag Deshpande



  • 15 nationalities

    The IxD programme currently has students representing Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.


  • Online application

    October 16 - January 15
    Application period for 
    MFA programmes and one-year course Industrial Design Intensive