Experience Prototyping

This course in Experience Prototyping deals with applying suitable and relevant technologies for prototyping interaction. During product and applications development there is always a need to simulate the interaction between the product and the user. Simulating the dialogue screens of a traditional graphical user interface is relatively straightforward; however, simulating other forms of tangible interaction, such as gesture, movement or tactility can sometimes demand other approaches including the use of sensors and microprocessors where the technology is usually out of reach of most interaction designers. There is therefore a growing need for developing technical know-how and "hands-on" experience in building working prototypes to test different interaction ideas and concepts. This course is aimed at providing the students with the skills they need to prototype interactions both digitally and physically.

Experience Prototyping is a 5 week course taught to the students in one-week modules, where each week is dedicated to a different prototyping practice, from video prototyping and interactive objects to mobile hacking and interactive systems. Each year the course has a new theme for its explorations, with the different weeks exploring different facets of the overarching theme.


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