Service Design

Project 2

10-week project, Spring semester, Year 1

The aim of this course is to give students practical experience in designing a product or a system that addresses a broad user group. The project provides a platform to explore techniques and methods in the context of design ethnography and participatory design.

The second major project in the Master Programme in Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design focuses on Service Design, where students are tasked with discovering and thinking critically about design ethnography and participatory design through a combination of practical experience and others' experiences. Each phase of the project is supported by teachers, structured and unstructured activities and literature, and is dependent on students' engagement and discovery. Students work in groups throughout the project.

The final results may include software or hardware, service or organizational frameworks depending on the results of studies in design ethnography and participatory design. The results presented in the form of visualization of user observations, sketch models, interfaces, videos, reports and screen-based digital presentations.


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