MFA in Transportation Design

Masters programme, 120 ECTS-credits

During the last century man has come to depend on transportation as a social and lifestyle necessity. The world has evolved with the desire and need to use vehicles. Cars, for instance, have become an integral part of our culture.

Today, population growth and environmental issues are challenging the transportation industry. New solutions to vehicles and transport systems must be found. Innovation for mobility is required globally. Designers have a major role to play in developing functional, safe and ergonomic products and systems which will include qualities that are desirable and appealing to an increasingly intelligent and discerning group of users.

Designers have the digital tools to give an insight into the future possibilities of transport. The advancement and availability to powerful 3D software and rapid prototyping tools mean that designers are able to quickly visualise future life situations involving vehicles. At the Umeå Institute of Design, students have the opportunity to quickly explore their design ideas and bring them closer to reality with the help of such tools.

Our Transportation Design Programme is unique in its scope of interest, dealing with the whole transportation design field in cooperation with industry. Students are educated to have an open mind on both conceptual ideas and detailed realistic design solutions. They are encouraged to have a balanced thinking process where form and function work together.

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 Demian Office
Demian Horst
Programme Director
Industrial Designer