Schedule CAID2 APD

Day 1

Repetition from CAID1

  • Use your private network folder
  • Make a backup of your project (image links...)
  • Alias likes diskspace!

An Autodesk Alias project from scratch

  1. Make a new Project and rename it
  2. "Slam the door", Set Current Project :)
  3. Working units in Alias. Whats the goal? Construction Presets
  4. Grid spacing, Perspective grid extent size
  5. Make a simple Boundig box
  6. Drag and drop some background sketches. Position and scale
  7. Save and finally start to 3D-model your design

  Useful tools

  • Construction planes. Remember the GEOM-button
  • Use layers (and maybe stages) Careful with colors
  • Windows management and Cameras. Make a Render Camera
    (Windows Priority)
  • Object info, Information window
  • Difference between pick Object and pick component (surf, curve...)

3D Web Links (free stuff to download)

1. Modeling and rendering quickly a  Flash light

TN_beamer _persp


Day 2

Data transfer

  • Export proccess, Neutral file formats, STL, OBJ, IGES and STEP
  • Modeling for export to CAD, milling or rapid prototyping
  • Moving files, Network, Rapid Prototyping and Milling How to:s

Visit to the Rapid Prototyping and Milling facilities

  • Do´s and dont´s

Using pheripherals Digitizing with Microscribe


  • Good curves?, Anatomy of NURBS, Continuity, Edit point Curve

Working with curves

  • Tangents, Normals, Curvature, Curve and surf Continuity,
  • Multiknots, Multiplicity
  • Close
  • Attach
  • Detach

Working with surfaces

  • Adjust intersection, Make a Pocket
  • Align
  • Symmetri Plane Align
  • Project tangent

Modeling strategies

  • Design criteria
  • Modeling requirements
  • Analyzing the design
  • Approaches to modeling
  • Goal?

2. Export Milling file(s)

(step or iges) and pictures showing the objects position in space. Use your flashlight or own 3D-modelThe model must enclose a volume with the height of 40mm and about 110 x 70 (the size of a computer mouse)



Day 3

Working with curves

  • Rebuild curve
  • Offset
  • Extend, shorten

Surface construction Tools with continuity control

  • Square
  • Birail
  • n-sided
  • Extrude
  • Multi surface draft

Trimming trim, trim divide, untrim

  • Defined by: 
  • Projection
  • Intersection
  • Geometry Mapping
  • New curve on surface, manual construction
  • Trimming for data transfer, Trim problems
  • Filleting Other methods


Day 4

3. Modeling and rendering a Vacuum cleaner

TN_Vacuum .persp

  • Evaluation tools
  • Tolerances
  • Rational Vs. Non-rational Geometry
  • Additional detailing
  • Move CV-tool 


Day 5

Raytracing tips & tricks

Refraction, Ray Bounces, Raytracing a glas

Day 6

3D-scanning possibilities

Photo-scanning, 123D Catch
IPad-scanner, XBox kinect, The stucture sensor
Laser-scanning, VIU-scan from Creaform


4.  Export a Rapid Prototyping  (stl)   file(s). Renderings and  pictures from NetFabb basic (free) showing it is a "leakage free" model.Real life  scanned  data has to be used and combined  in some way. Photo, laser or IPod-scanner can be used.


Day 7

5. Modeling and rendering a MC Fairing

TN_Fairing .persp


Day 8

  • Workshop, finish up exercises and tutorials
  • Presentation of exercises
  • Control and marking of your course status

Day 9

  • Combining surface and solid-modeling.
  • Change one surface in a solid model with Alias and export it back to a solid tool (SolidWorks)

Day 10

  • Control and marking of your course status