Getting to Umeå

Umeå is easily accessible via plane, railway, bus, car, and also ferry.

Consult the Umeå University website/International Student Guide for valuable tips and information on how to get to Umeå and local transportation: Getting to Umeå.


Local transportation

Umeå Institute of Design (UID) is situated at "Konstnärligt Campus Umeå Universitet". The Institute is next to the river, a large red brick building. The address is Östra Strandgatan 30.

Umeå Airport to the city centre
An airport bus called Flygbuss, line number 80, connects Umeå Airport to the city centre. The airport bus leaves the airport about 10 minutes after the arrival of a flight from Stockholm. The bus is right outside the Umeå Airport Terminal main entrance.

The bus ticket will cost 45-65 SEK and can only be paid with credit card or with a period bus pass on the bus. Payment in cash can only be made at ticket machines or sales agents. No student discount is available.

The Airport Bus follows a circular route between Umeå City Airport, Umeå city centre, the hospital and university campus, and Ålidhem before returning to Umeå City Airport.

If you take the Airport Bus you disembark at Konstnärligt Campus.

If you travel by regular bus you must disembark at the bus stop called Östra Strandgatan.

From UID to Ålidhem
Go to the bus stop Östra Strandgatan. Take Bus 5  or Bus 8. Disembark at Ålidhem Centrum. If your address is Stipendiegränd or Historiegränd, cross the street (to your left). If your address is Pedagoggränd or Fysikgränd, go through Ålidhem Centre (to your right). Ålidhem Centre is the large, red building in the middle.

Timetable and general map of Umeå bus lines.