UID consolidates its position at the top of the world rankings


For the second consecutive year, Umeå Institute of Design places at the top of the two global design rankings for universities, Red Dot and iF.

The fact that the school keeps its world-leading position opens doors for new collaborations with global organizations and companies, while giving a boost in student recruitment.

Johan Redström, Rector at Umeå Institute of Design, talks about why the school has succeeded in making a mark in the world of design.

"For us, design is not just about knowledge and expertise, but also about commitment and an ability to transform knowledge in different contexts and in collaboration with others. That is why we, in our education, work continuously with the surrounding community, with different organizations and companies. Being at the top of the Red Dot Ranking for the fifth consecutive year is a confirmation that what we do is also important to others and that we are actually making a mark, not just in Sweden."

The rankings are based on the overall quality of student projects in recent years and are a direct reflection of the diligent work in labs and workshops around campus. UID's strong focus on building a creative learning environment, establishing strong links with industry and addressing relevant societal problems has given the school a clear profile. A UID identity has emerged that can be recognized in the students' design style and in the development of new products, where the user is always in focus.

Akansha Aggarwal from India is in her final year at the master's program of interaction design. According to her, the secret of the school's success is spelled collaboration, a lack of prestige and a focus on solving real problems. 

"We are a pretty small school and we become like a family here, all the students. Once you get stuck in a project, the feeling is that you can get feedback and advice from everyone, there is no negative competition really. It makes you develop much faster I think. When you are finished with a design here, it is almost bullet proof because it has passed so many eyes. Of course, it also makes the product better for the actual user in the end. 

This is the fifth time in seven years that Umeå Institute of Design places number one in the Red Dot Ranking and the second consecutive year at the top of the iF Design Ranking.



Jens Persson, Communications Officer
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