Björn O. Nilsson receives honorary doctorate

Björn O. Nilsson, renowned biochemist and business executive, was presented with an honorary doctorate degree on October 21st  during Umeå University's Annual Celebration. From 2013-2016 he was a valuable member of the strategic board at the Umeå Institute of Design.

How did it feel to receive the honorary doctorate at the Annual Celebration?

- I am very honored to now have an honorary doctorate at Umeå University. The university holds a very high international standard and to be you honored here feels special, of course.

What was your experience being part of the UID strategic board?

- I myself am not at all knowledgeable in design. Instead, I hope I could contribute with business experience from industry through my previous roles as stock exchange CEO and chairman of an industry association and also from my current positions as board member of two publicly listed companies.

As a biochemist, what are the touch points with a place like UID?

- The contact points mainly concern my experience of linking universities with entrepreneurship, which I have a long experience of doing. The activities at UID, both education and research, are very often highly relevant in a business-related context.

When thinking about UID, what are your immediate associations?

- Creativity, internationalization and high quality. UID is by far the only Swedish education that is actually ranked number one in the world. Among the students, you will find young people from all corners of the world. The projects brought forth by these super talented individuals are amazing. Quite simply, world-class. 

The Annual Celebration at Umeå University takes place in late October every year. It is an important ceremonial event where the university installs its newly appointed professors, and celebrates honorary doctors, scientific award recipients, and every third year also medalists.

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