Wheels of Change

"Design is responsibility and I want to think that my work has an impact on the future of our planet. We cannot save the world alone but we can definitely multiply our knowledge and I would love to see that everybody is able to turn the necessary wheels of change. I really believe that thinking in sustainable terms does not limit design, it actually opens up a new world of possibilities."

Daniela started her design career working with products and fashion accessories both in Germany and in the US. In 2002 she joined BMW as a colour & trim designer. It was this intense contact with materials and manufacturing technologies that ignited her interest in sustainability. During the last decade Daniela became an influential specialist in the field, bringing instrumental contribution to radical concepts and production cars like the BMW i series. Daniela is also engaged in education. Since 2012 she is an assistant professor at the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd, where she enriches the bachelor curriculum with her EcoDesign course.