Asthma Medication Kit for Personalised Therapy


The prevalence of asthma is increasing tremendously: for the year 2025 there are 450 million asthma patients expected. Asthma is a chronic disease and most patients depend on medication on a daily basis. Asthma symptoms change in severity and prevalence over time, and from person to person. It is important to evaluate airway inflammation and adjust medication frequently. Poor asthma control causes hospital visits and sick leaves from work and school, which costs the health care system.

Inspiration and Method


Aeo is an asthma medication kit to promote asthma awareness. It includes preventive as well as quick relieve medicine. It encourages a conscious and careful approach to medication. The kit provides the affected person with information about the individual medication dosage and promotes learning about patient-specific triggers.

Adjusting preventive medication according to objective parameters:
Asthmatics often rely on their rescue medication instead of adjusting their preventive medication to prevent attacks. Aeo encourages the user to adjust the medication dose to match their current condition. Users’ understanding of their medication, has the potential to improve asthma symptom control.

Portable quick-relief medication with symptom tracking:
Quick relief medication gives information about patient’s asthma condition. Each puff is recorded and preventive medication is adjusted according to the level of symptom control.