Psoriasis Lifestyle System

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2-4% of the Swedish population lives with psoriasis today. 50% of these 2-4 % develop psoriasis before they turn 25. When living with psoriasis, you have an increased risk of developing comorbidities, such as overweight and depression, and experience decreased health related quality of life.

Based on recent findings, people living with psoriasis can improve the symptoms of their condition through living a good lifestyle. In this thesis, I have worked with the question: How can we improve the Health Related Quality of Life in people with psoriasis?

I suggest that this is done through patient empowerment, encouraging a good lifestyle, preventing comorbidities and improving the communication between healthcare providers and patients.

núna is a lifestyle system which will motivate and encourage the person living with psoriasis to acquire a good lifestyle in order to ease the symptoms of their condition, reflect upon and learn about one's health status, and to be a participant in the development of one's treatment. núna includes an app and an activity tracker with two different portable docks and a QI-charger.

Inspiration and Method

During a 10 week period, I have preformed a series of interviews, surveys and a work shop with people living with psoriasis and professionals within fields relevant to my work.

This includes interviews with individuals who are living with psoriasis, a workshop with a group of people who are living with psoriasis, surveys with the Swedish interest organisations "Psoriasisförbundet" and "Ung med Psoriasis" and interviews with professionals within healthcare and healthcare development.


Based on the information gathered, "núna" was created. núna is a lifestyle and healthcare system which people living with psoriasis can take use of on a day to day basis.

One can collect and review information, such as activity level and the development of one's psoriasis outbreaks, and administrate healthcare related issues, such as booking appointments, reviewing one's medical journal and request renewal of prescriptions.

The initial goal is to prevent comorbidities from developing and ease the symptoms of psoriasis.