nuSense - The Future is Wearable

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While wearable devices are rapidly becoming ubiquitous prototyping for wearable technology is a costly and complex field, with the variation in between wearable devices lacking. What can we do to make it easier for designers to experiment, build and develop new wearable devices?

nuSense is a modular wearable development platform which can be connected and set up without the need to know either electrical engineering nor programming. It allows not only designers but hobbyists alike to experiment with wearable technology and to use the world of sensors we have at our disposal to build new ways to experience and interact with the world.

Inspiration and Method

The project kicked off by asking what it would take for us to become cyborgs, how we can become truly technologically augmented human beings. Over time, by finding out about the bio hacking subculture and their interest in altering their physical bodies and experiences through technology, this focus moved onto wearables with the realization that wearable technology is becoming ever more present, but is also suffering from a lack of innovation. User research was made with a group of people undertaking a project in wearable tech, observing their difficulties and discussing with them what would be beneficial for them in their development process. Their struggles of bending technology not made for wearables into a wearable shape was extremely telling for the need of a new approach to develop wearable tech.


nuSense combines an easy to use modular prototyping platform for wearable technology. It uses plug and play hardware that is set up with a graphical interface on the computer. As opposed to most protoyping platforms already on the market, with nuSense there is no programming required. nuSense is also supported by an active community to offer support and inspiration in what to do next.

It's open source, so it's available for anyone to clone and hack to make it their own. nuSense would make it easier and faster for designers to prototype wearable technology, and for hobbyists to experiment with the like. At its core it's based on Arduino technology, which means there is already vast support available for new peripherals to be added to the nuSense platform.