GT-R: Perpetual Evolution


The main objective of this concept was to find a suitable solution to create more responsible and collective fun in a supercar in year 2045, when shared autonomous cars will have become the norm. Currently, and even more so in the near future, supercars which serve the purpose of only speed and private enjoyment are required to shift their focus to be more responsible and eco-friendly while still showcasing the brand’s R&D packaged under innovative styling with the wow factor. A lot of studies are being done by manufactures and researchers already to find new energy resources, ways to build more efficient powertrains and sustainable automobile ecosystems such as building location specific vehicles made by local resources and 3D printing. On the other hand, studies on the user’s behaviour and emotional bond with a vehicle have lacked the much-deserved attention. Designing around this bond can have a big influence on extending product usage life.

Inspiration and Method

First round of ideation began with watercolor paintings of the main inspiration – Koi. Koi are cold-water fish, special for their ability to survive and adapt to many climates and water conditions. Explorations of forms and styles of organic fish combined with mechanical aesthetics of Le Mans racing cars were taken into the second stage of ideation, which I transferred onto a basic engineering package of GT-R. Sketching on paper and Photoshop were used to communicate in development of concept. While defining overall character of exterior style, in the refinement stage, translation into Alias began with considerations for passenger layout and technical limitations in the all-digital process.


At the end of the research, it became apparent that in order to prolong a product usage life, the product must be fun to interact with, and the fun element has to be sustainable. The fun element will be the fundamental factor, which will inspire car purchasing decision for the next generation of drivers. The exterior design signifies the joy of driving a highly advanced supercar built with long-lasting value of Nissan craftsmanship. The theme of the exterior design derived from Koi. Le Mans inspired flat surfaces are styled for optimal aerodynamics and aggressive character. The interior features a central driving position with 3 passenger seats in a rhombus arrangement that allows for a race car experience that can be shared among friends and families. The result is a platform for responsible fun targeted for Generation Z, by blending real life racing and virtual reality game Sony Playstion’s Gran Turismo.