Mobility & Immobility


The city landscape of China is undoubtedly experiencing rapid transformation. With the fast rate of urbanization it seems plausible that people will live in a vertical city served by new kinds of transportation infrastructure around the year 2050.

This project studied the values of the upper middle class of migrants living in a future Shanghai. Ideation and form development resulted in an aesthetic sculpture informed by the western brand and the eastern culture. This sculpture then inspired the development of a vehicle concept that can act as mobility solution as well as an icon of quality living in the future Chinese home.

Inspiration and Method

By looking at the problems of nowadays Shanghai city, like congestion, air pollution,overpopulation, we can imagine a probable future transport to relieve those problems. And it is the core value of Volvo that make people’s lives easer, safer, better. By looking at the trends and taste of nowadays Chinese markets, we could propose a possible form factor and CMF theme that meets the asian markets in the 2050.


As a result, the design showed a probable way to the future Chinese cosmopolitan city. To relieve the problems Shanghai is facing nowadays and might have in the future, I imagined a future Volvo car which has two sides of mobility and immobility. It runs with pure electric power causing no direct pollution. It also saves the parking space, because this is a vehicle parking inside your house. With the help of the public-sharing drone wheels system, the vehicle runs like a normal private car. This is the mobility part of the concept. But the major question going through my thesis is if there is any alternatives for vehicle to function as while it is an immobility? It could be a ornamental piece of art, a beautiful sculpture merging inside a city, a piece of furniture inside your apartment.