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Early moments matter and needs parents special attention. Evidence indicates that children that are given good nutrition, adequate care and especially stimulation in a timely manner, will develop fully both intellectually, physically and emotionally.

ALO is a system based on co-creation and engagement with families. It explores how can we build healthier and more sustainable futures by stimulating individuals at early stages and promoting social caring actions that transform the collective mindset. ALO reduces inequalities and offers learning opportunities for all kids. Finding commonalities globally and honouring diversity locally.

Inspiration and Method

Every child has the right to play, learn and develop, and we “creators” have the chance to create opportunities for all kids no matter their context.

This objective as a designer is inspired by my own childhood. Where, despite the limitations, my parents made big efforts to help me thrive by educating me at really early stages. That is far from reality for many other kids. The world context is complex, and the contrast of social situations huge.

To come up with an adaptive solution for those “universes”, I embarked on an intense journey to Spain and Colombia. To embrace the contrast by respecting and honouring diversity. We co-create and Co- ideate hand to hand with the experts: teachers, families, and kids! In these workshops, we ideated a systemic solution around: How to generate awareness – Empower families – Stimulate by playing.


ALO is a strategic design proposal that aims for social impact. It is composed by:
Platform - Informing the masses, using social media, healthcare system and schools.
Weekly challenges/activities for - Engaging families to educate from home.
Toys for - Stimulating the development of children.

These toys represent the 3 steps of exploration: Observe - Seek - Capture
Through light, sound, movement and touch, these toys cover all functional and sensory areas: Visual and manual competence - Mobility and Audition - Tactile and Language

ALO Stimulates children development and empowers parents with the tools and guidance to enjoy together these important moments.