Nokia LIT

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Many of us can relate to being tired and maybe even feel down during the winter months. Reports show that we spend more time indoors and with that, problems linked to low daylight exposure increases. The first recommendation from doctors is to try to spend more time outdoors.

With this in mind, what could we do to create a healthier way of living? In this project, I have chosen to explore how we can motivate and inspire people to spend more time outdoors and help them stimulate their sleep-wake cycle using daylight tracking and smart technology.

Inspiration and Method

People that have issues with the seasonal change in light have a few options to try to ease the symptoms. But doctors always firstly recommend people to try to get out more even if its colder weather. My biggest inspiration for this product has been to create something that fits everyone's style and preferences. It should be unnoticeable if the user wants it. To get there I conducted a series of workshops with users, experts and designers to understand the problem. I also interviewed hundreds of people around the world to get an overview of peoples preferences.


Nokia LIT is a daylight exposure system that is specifically designed to help people get an understanding of their light exposure and in turn, change their daylight habits. It's designed to blend in and to be seamlessly integrated into one's everyday life. It comes with an app that can be connected to a smart light system to further stimulate your sleep-wake cycle using smart light systems that already exists on the market.