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Urban tourism is a major sector which generates economic and cultural growth. Visitors are attracted to cities for many reasons, yet there aren’t any mobility solutions fitting their personal wishes. Technologies like autonomous vehicles, gives us the possibility to offer tailored experiences for the tourists. While the ordinary citizens might be looking for efficient solutions minimizing the time spent on daily mobility. The tourists are looking for vibrant, intuitive and appealing solutions maximizing their reach and experience in the city.

“Tour” is the answer to how we could achieve this!

Inspiration and Method

My main inspiration throughout the design process was the context in subject. Architecture and buildings are essentially the canvas for vehicles in urban environments. Thus, I analyzed what the context expressed to create a design which fits in and sticks out at the same time.

In the design process, I started of my research with varying methods. I aimed to gain both qualitative and quantitative research since my user group is such a broad spectrum. I used tools like analog and digital sketching throughout my process, I used poly-modelling for initial ideas and later used more precise 3D modelling tools.
I did a lot of user testing by creating fast real-life mockups which I tested with future users. This helped me design a vision without compromising realistic dimensions.


The vision with this project was to design an autonomous future mobility option with the specific user group of urban tourists in mind. The result of the project is Tour.

Tour is an autonomous sightseeing vehicle with electric exploration scooters. It is designed for groups of 4-6 people. The seating height gives the users a clear vision while sightseeing. Autonomous technologies enable tourists to select among a much bigger variety of tours. Tour is designed to become the next symbol of tourism for many cities. It is designed to fit in and stick out. It fits well in the city’s modern architecture with the form language which accentuates big glass sections creating an airy feeling. It also puts the technologies in use on display. Tour manages to stick out with its iconic proportions, colorful accent details and the graphical combination of dark and bright areas.