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It is known to many that handling a horse puts you at risk. This is usually an effect of us putting the horse in an unnatural environment which causes it to stress. In this thesis I have explored how we can reduce the stress that we cause the horse during transport by considering and utilize their natural behaviors and instincts. The result of this is a trailer that allows the horse to eat in a natural way by simulating a herd of calm horses to help it relax. The trailer is shaped to reduce stress factors and make the experience of being in the trailer as comfortable as possible for the horse.

Inspiration and Method

The purpose of this project has been to improve the transportation situation where both stress and anxiety can occur. By minimizing the stress for the horse you can reduce the risks that both humans and horses gets hurt. If you want to create an trailer that keeps the horse calm you need to understand the animal, what makes it anxious and what can make it calm. The result should thereby be shaped to match the horses needs and make it as comfortable for it as possible, and by doing this reduce the risks of injuries.


[frē] is the horse trailer that puts the animal first. It gives a spacious feeling and provides a comfortable loading and unloading, by lowering the trailer to the ground with an air suspension so that the step into the trailer is as low and stable as possible.
The trailer allows the horse to eat in a natural way from the ground thanks to the shape of the wall in front of the horse. By simulating the sound of a herd of calm horses the horse in the trailer will be affected and there by feel more relaxed as well.

By letting the horse travel backwards it is easier for it to keep its balance and by adding a door in the front of the trailer the horse can walk straight in and straight out and therefore the critical moment of reversing the horse out of the trailer is removed.