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As a parent you almost always have your child with you, and it is a big contributing factor when making the choice between a bicycle or a car as transportation. Children are the most precious we have - something that a parent can not put a price on. A child can not take care of themselves or protect themselves in the same way as a grown up can, and it is thus entirely up to the parent or protective equipment to protect the child.

In a car you have thick walls and advanced protective child seats – what does a bike have that supports a child’s safety? Ättling aims to answer this question.


Ättling is a well visible child bike seat, with a built-in airbag that reacts with sensors along the movement patterns of the ride. The Ättling airbag is activated at a certain angle and speed. The algorithms and sensors reacts not only at speed changes, but on specific movements that are threatening to the child’s safety. 

With three airbags in different directions and a 0,1 second reaction time, Ättling offers biking parents a feeling of the highest possible safety when transporting their children by bike. The product makes bicycling a safer choice in all situations, and should be used in traffic with confidence.