Creating Collaborative Business Cultures

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Rural regions in northern Sweden are increasingly affected by urbanisation. Inhabitants are choosing to migrate towards larger cities due to decreasing job opportunities, infrastructure development and rural populations. Thanks to beautiful nature and unique activities, some rural communities are turning to tourism for economic stability. Due to the geo-social environment, independent businesses struggle to deliver a complete tourist experience. This project proposes a solution which creates a collaborative business culture for businesses to provide a full service for tourists.

Inspiration and Method

Northern Sweden is truly a beautiful place filled with untamed nature, breathtaking views which are set in a silent atmosphere. I believe that northern Sweden offers international and domestic tourists attractive and unique experiences. Currently the majority of rural tourist destinations are running unsustainable and in some extreme cases failing. If accessibility, resources , infrastructures and marketing can be improved and structured correctly, the potential for an increased sustainable tourism industry can be realized. The work in this project highlights the challenges present in Swedish rural tourist destinations. I wanted to base this project on research insights based on a specific case study Klimpfjäll. I felt that this would be the most appropriate way to create a meaningful which could act as a turn-key design result. During this project I learned of the delicate balances and interactions between various stakeholders in these tightly knit communities. This context emphasized the importance of a flexible service which adapts to the region in which it is deployed.


The result of this project is a service tool kit called Klustr. Klustr assists in establishing a collaborative business culture through its service platform. The service applies simple business tools and brings businesses together creating goal oriented communities. The core of the service is to provide opportunities for business owners to meet, participate in workshops and start discussing a way to improve their businesses.

Klustr is an accessible service solution for passionate lifestyle entrepreneurs investing time, love and effort into their regions.