Land Rover BackPacker

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How can reductionism lead to a greater experience and add to the appeal of a product? The Land Rover BackPacker is a minimalistic travel vehicle that questions the space and the complexity needed in a vehicle while exploring the world 4x4 inspired by the necessity of reduction in todays consumerist world to fight climate change and the freedom of travelling light. Its open design creates an interactive space with it’s surroundings which is designed to be more then mobility but a space to hang out and to sleep in the wild.

Inspiration and Method

The project is highly inspired by the global adventures of the very first Land Rover Series 01 and it's modular and highly functional design. To reinterpret this spirit and to bring it into a future context was the main goal besides combining it with the approach and philosophy of modern minimalists and the efficiency of tiny house lifestyles. Living in a compressed space, how this affects the interaction with nature and what reduction adds to the user in the travel context are key points. Finding the right balance between the amount of space and comfort needed on a trip and the openness and simplicity of the vehicle to guarantee and unfiltered experience was a major challenge.
After understanding the future context of the vehicle, the design process started with exploring different packages of the car and prototyping different ways to create a space in nature in the most minimal way using Virtual Reality and quick 2D doodles. This led to optimising the proportions and the chosen theme of the design in developed 2D renderings and early CAS models. The final design concept was developed in 3D software to translate the digital data into a physical scale model in the end.


After all the Land RoverBackPacker is a reductive travel vehicle concept targeting the future needs of more sustainable and more flexible experiences. It's designed to be part of an on-demand car sharing service which is setup globally to reach people of different regions, different cultures and different backgrounds. It provides a space for two people to move freely, to hang out and to sleep in nature. To make travelling a no-brainer, the vehicle service includes modular equipment kits which provide the things needed during different trips in nature. The user can choose from e.g. weather protection, cooking equipment, a water tank or a solar sun sail, depending on where the next journey starts.