2030 Volvo Compact Concept

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In the past three years, I have moved 12 times between different cities and places for study and work. The young generation has a different mindset about self-exploration, and they are not easy to settle down. The role of vehicles is gradually shifting from private property to the mobility freedom. This lifestyle creates new scenarios for small cars, creating a better and sustainable future. The result is the Volvo cc Concept, a fully autonomous shared compact vehicle with flexible passengers and storage room. Here presents the smallest Volvo segment design among the whole product portfolio.

Inspiration and Method

During the design exploration, the tools varied from ideation sketches, rough package test, photoshop rendering, clay sketching, 3D modelling and experimental display graphic illustrations. This project has been strongly inspired by Scandinavian design and Volvo design principle. Also, the author expressed her vision for Volvo and materials thoughts for components and interior functions.


The project outcome is Volvo CC(City Compact Car Concept), an autonomous sharing and subscription service provided by the residential community.