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How would future vehicle ownership evolve as car sharing becomes dominant in urban scenario? How may we recreate the sense of emotional attachments to personal vehicles? How can we utilize the car even when it's idle and thus making ownership more sustainable?
The author set out to imagine a future model of vehicle ownership which challenges the concept of personal vehicle and its role nowadays. The result she hopes would be inspiring to people and spark some discussions about the subject.

Inspiration and Method

The inspirations of the project is the development of autonomous driving technology and the idea of open source development for creating an ecosystem that facilitates itself in the long run.

The author took a speculative approach to set the future scenario based on research and interviews. She then went through loops of ideations, sketches, and modelling to come up her solution.


The result is Volvo Project Mirror - an ecosystem that goes beyond mobility solutions. The main focus is the modular interior concept that's highly customisable for showing personal characteristics, making incremental updates according to different needs and different stages of life, and last but not least, sharing furnitures and gears in between home space and car, thus blurring the line between the two.