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In this modern age, where the interest in cars is diminishing, motorsport faces its biggest threat yet. Television numbers are down and the fan base is aging, leading us to wonder: Is there a way to bring back the excitement about motorsports and cars in general? The Peking to Paris rally is a vision of a new exciting motor racing experience, which brings the sport into the digital age. The specially designed vehicles use AI technology, capable of navigating harsh and diverse terrain, under some of the most extreme weather conditions known to mankind. And now, through a VR live stream, rally fans can follow their favorite team -up close and on demand -from the start to the finish line.

Inspiration and Method

Throughout history, numerous innovations have trickled down from the race track to production cars, thus there is a need to keep this culture alive. Especially in the new era of autonomous driving, we will require a competitive arena to challenge and improve this future technology. And with the rising climate challenges on our planet, motorsports, especially, needs to be a leader in green and efficient energy technology.
During the research and concept development phase, the author investigated topics around the issue of motorsport. Research areas included: core values of motorsport fans, AI in offroad vehicles, future target groups Gen Z and Gen Alpha, alternative energies, and benchmark races like Rally Dakar and Roborace. After the broad research, the design ideation took place, starting with several package proposals and initial sketches. Based on those sketches, the author was able to guide the Maya mock-up modeling process where the final design direction was shaped.


Peking to Paris Rally 2030: a new motorsport series, showcasing the combined strength of human and artificial intelligence under the harshest conditions on the planet. This technology offers new opportunities in racing. Given the advance of intelligent high-performance driving systems, an endurance rally can be even more extreme than it is today. Higher speeds, jumps, twists, and turns across the most diverse terrain will grant the spectator an extraordinary experience. With the use of VR and 3D video capturing drones, rally fans can follow their favorite team -up close and on demand from the start to finish line. The high-performance technology surrounded by the distinctive shape unifies rationality and emotionality into one cohesive design.