David Risberg

B/W David RisbergResearch Engineer/Workshop Technician
E-mail: david.risberg@umu.se
Phone: + 46 90 786 63 88


I come from northern Sweden and I have a Masters degree in mechanical engineering. I've mainly worked in the industry, but right now I'm helping out with machinery and manufacturing here at UID.

What I do at UID

Mainly I manage the workshop and try to keep everything working and keep all the materials in stock. I'm also involved in prototype manufacturing by helping with machining and giving advice.


I am involved in the workshop courses, teaching how to use the metal-working machines. I also teach a bit of health and safety. Finally I teach some CAD/CAM (for use with the Roland CNC machine) and some 3D modeling (Solidworks).

Talk to me about

How to create your model. Which materials and machines to use. How to adapt your model so it can be easily manufactured (how to split it up for milling or printing for an example).

Early design stage:
Consult me about what is really possible. Physics, mechanics, electronics, and manufacturability.

-How to use the Roland CNC machine
-How to use the lasers (if Peter is not available)
-How to safely operate the machines in the workshop, in case you haven't used them in a long time
-How to use the paint equipment (but not how to do a good paintjob, I am not an experienced painter)
-Expanding individual workshop licenses when a course or project requires it.