How to use the Microscribe Measuring Arm

Easily "grab" things into a 3D software like Rhino or Alias


The device is usually in the Clay workshop

Grab into Rhino 3D

  1. Check that the green light, (power), is on
  2. In Rhino write Digitize in the command window
    Rhino _Digitize 01_150px
  3. Choose Microscribe Digitizer as the connected device
    Rhino _Digitize 02_100px
  4. Click Ok for the default tip
  5. Position the digitizer tip where the zero point should be on the iron table.
  6. Click the WHITE BUTTON to accept the position for zero, zero, zero-point
  7. Position the digitizer tip somewhere along the X-axle
  8. Click the  WHITE BUTTON
  9. Position the digitizer tip somewhere along the Y-axle
  10. Click the  WHITE BUTTON. (from here you will use F12 instead!)
  11. Now it is time to measure your 3D-thing. Choose the curve tool
  12. Position the digitizer tip on your part and push F12
  13. Position the digitizer tip on your part and push F12
  14. Continue until you have a nice 3D-sketch :)

There is good help inside Rhino. Search "Digitize"
Rhino _Digitize 04_150px              Make Menu visableRhino _Digitize 03_150px

Grab into Autodesk Alias

  1. Check that the green light, (power), is on
  2. Choose "Immersion Inscribe3" program in the start menu
  3. Push Ok if you get a welcome window
  4. Check the Format string. If you see "%0.3f %0.3f %0.3f\M" then the correct format string is already set. Otherwise go to "Set the format string for Alias" below.
  5. Activate the Alias window you want to work in
  6. In Alias Autostudio choose New curve (Edit curve). Leave the mouse over the New curve icon and then you can easily click on the mouse to call for a new curve.
  7. Set Alias to accept cordinates as absolute  values. Click an "a" and then enter. It should say (ABS) in the prompt line.
  8. Move the arm to the first point to measure and push the  WHITE BUTTON
  9. Move to next point and push the WHITE BUTTON  again
  10. If you want a new curve segment then click the new curve tool in the Alias Palette again.

Tip: if your "scanned" model shows up skewed then set the microscribe software to "World Space". With "World Space" you will need to rotate the group of curves to the right position yourself manually within Autodesk Alias (or Rhino) instead.


Set the format string for Alias

  1. Push Format Strings button
  2. If you see "%0.3f %0.3f %0.3f\M" then the correct format string is already set. Otherwise continue to step 3.
  3. Choose Add button to make a new string
  4. Enter Alias TL as the new name and push enter
  5. Erase every character that might be in the  white Window Name. It needs to be empty, important.
  6. Write "%0.3f_%0.3f_%0.3f\M" (without " ") in the white Format String window (space is shown as underscore)
  7. Push Ok button and now you are set to import your measurements directly into Alias Autostudio

Good work!