How to get the Milling Machine to work for you

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1. Make a 3D - model

Make the 3D - model so it works for milling.
Go through the Milling Check-list to check your model.
Then export an IGES  and a STEP file and preferably a screen capture of your parts.

2. Copy the Iges file to the S5-server

Through the network go to: (copy the link)
\\\uid\caid_files\_IGES files for Milling
In the folder named "Iges files to milling" make a new folder with your name and place a copy of your IGES and STEP file there plus your screen capture.

3. Inform the milling operator

Send an email to:

This is received  by David, Patrik, Lars B and Fredrik.

with information about the:

- filename(s)
- type of material to mill
- kind of presentation it will be used at.
(Fore example "TD2 examination or CAID2-course")

Then contact the operator personally for a examination of the IGES - file together. If your model is not ok then go back to step no 1.


4. A time for milling is scheduled

If everything is ok:


 1. A  mill size is choosen.

This sets the cut depth!


Tool -cutting -lengths _250px

2. The size of material you need to cut out is measured. You "DOLF" the material as usual. Remember the time window for buying material!

3. You will be put in to the queue list for milling. With the queue list an estimation of time to finished part could be done. (A very rough estimation is about 1,5 working day for
each student).

4. Put the material in the mill - room. If no material is present there at scheduled
time the next in queue will be done insted.


Examples of different millings

 2014 01 29 100254 800X450

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Part size is 170x85x40 mm.


  • 6-mm full radius end mill with a
  • 2 mm step-over (sideways movment)

Takes 20 minutes.


  • 6-mm full radius end mill with
  • 0.5 mm Step Over (sideways movment)

Takes 1.5 hours.