Keyshot rendering (PC-labs)

Avoid losing your nice KeyShot-renderings.



First step

  1. Click the "Render" button
  2. Choose "Output"
  3. Name your image. (choose TIF instead of JPG if you continue in photoshop)
  4. Important. Point your finished image rendering to your private Network folder!
  5. Check "Add to queue"
  6. Push the "Add to queue" button


Key Shot _Network _Render _2_300pixels 

Second step

  1. Choose "Queue"
  2. Push the "Process queue" button


Key Shot _Network _Render _3_300pixels

Third step

  1. Lean back and watch images being calculated for you :)
  2. Take a well earned refreshing break

Always calculate and be aware that something could interrupt the rendering process. Reasons could be a previousily planned software update or simply students coming to a scheduled class at 09.00.

 Good Luck with renderings!