Aditya Pawar

BW Aditya PawarPhD student
Phone: + 46 90-786 88 36
Twitter: @adipawar


I have studied industrial design at National Institute of Design, India and Design for interaction at TUDelft, Netherlands where my work focussed on designing for human-technology interactions.
After studies, I worked as a interaction designer and later as a design researcher/service designer for a variety of organisations. Co-creation, community driven, product-service-systems, open-innovation became some of the keywords that I began to use to describe this practice. My keenness to understand the puzzle of how a technology takes shape and shapes us extended to how design-projects within organisations shape our reality. At this point I undertook a couple of research interesting projects to understanding how open-innovation environments could be created within organisations and how communities of practice(s) could be invited to co-create services.
In 2013, I started my PhD studies at Umeå Institute of Design with an intent to further investigate the idea of open innovation in communities, for socially progressive ends.

What I do at UID

I contribute to the teaching in the different educations at UID, parallell to carrying out my PhD studies.


I do research on open-collaborations between public and organisations for social innovation. My expertise of collaborative-services and open-innovation form the methodological backbone of this practice.
In Umeå Institute of Design I work within the broader programme of  Prototyping Practices. My research on the topic 'Design for Social Innovation' is captured well by the idea of transformative design, a term coined by Burns, Cottam, Vanstone and Winhall, which is associated with work within communities for socially progressive ends, but also work on organisational change.

Talk to me about:

Social Innovation, Social Design
Participatory design and art, Co-Design, Design- Games
Design for Publics and the Commons
Open Innovation, Open- Design
Service Design
Design research, Design Anthropology


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