Anja Neidhardt

Ania Neidhardt 2PhD Student
Mobile: +46 90 7867001


I was born in Germany and grew up in the area of Frankfurt am Main where I also completed my Bachelor's degree in Communication Design in 2014. After working as a member of form design magazine's editorial team for two years, I moved to the Netherlands to study Design Curating and Writing (MA) at the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated in 2016. Before coming to Umeå I had been based in Berlin, working as a self-employed design writer and educator. 

What I do at UID

Next to working on my PhD thesis I also teach in the different educations at UID.


The aim of my research is to identify and analyse alternative, intersectional feminist practices that could be implemented by design archives and museums in order to contribute to the development of more just design disciplines. Which products and stories can be identified and analysed through the consultation of protest archives from an intersectional feminist design perspective? To what extent do feminist activist groups and archives offer alternative, more socially and economically sustainable design practices? And, can design archives and museums represent those who are oppressed, rather than being accomplices of discriminating structures reproduced by the industrial design discipline.


I aim at applying an intersectional feminist perspective to design education, which includes norm-criticality, non-hierarchical forms of learning with and from each other, and alternative approaches to design histories, just to mention a few.

Talk to me about:

  • intersectional feminist perspectives on design

  • experimental/creative forms of design writing

  • design and activism

  • design and journalism


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