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Johan Gustafsson 2
Teacher in Industrial design and model building
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Born 1964 in Dalarna and after a move to Gothenburg I realized in my ninth grade that Industrial design was for me! I had a fruitful internship at an engineering firm that had its "fika" room together with an industrial design consultancy. -"fun" they said, -"but first make it thru engineering school, then you will be well prepared ". Well, some more years in school was not bad and with the good fortune (I realize now) the military sent me up for officer training in Umeå.

I arrived in Umeå 1996, (thirty years ago!) quit the military, and started to work at Y-Design AB, Interior architecture). I stayed for 3 years before committing to UID in 1989-93 as one of the first batch of UID students! After school we were 3 classmates that started Strukturdesign AB, where I am still CEO.

I have a wife and a son and our dog, live on Teg in a house from 1860. And a special interest I have is garden railroading (getting the best from two worlds, being outdoors and building models)

What I do at UID

I have been teaching model building for many years at UID and also started developeing the single subject courses at the school. Now I still hold the courses in model building but also in my teaching share what I have learned during 23 years of being an industrial consultant.


Model building in all levels (BFA to MFA)
Plastic and production thinking
Design Management

Talk to me about:

Model Building, miniatures, paint, surface treatment
Plastic tooling, what to think about
Design Management
But if it is railroad specific, be prepared for a long chat =)