Monica Lindh-Karlsson

Monica Lindh-KarlssonSenior Lecturer in Industrial Design, PhD Student.
Phone: +46 90 786 55 62


I have a background as a professional industrial designer and have been working as a consultant since 1994. At 2001 I started at UID as a program director for the BA program, which includes both development of the program as well as being examiner for project courses and degree work projects. It also meant a lot of teaching in core areas in industrial design. I continued as program director until 2013. I am born in Umeå and have a MFA in industrial design from UID.

What I do at UID

I am teach within the field of industrial design, and am currently mainly pursuing my PhD studies at UID.


I have taught in various core areas of industrial design such as design methodology, reflective processes and project courses when I was a program director. As a program director you are also examiner of all students in project courses as well as in degree courses. During my time as program director I developed the Bachelor program several times, which included not only initiating change but also all the writing of course plans, educational plans and degree descriptions. During my time as a program director I participated in three evaluations of design education,by the National Agency of Higher Education,both as project leader and writing the self-evaluations for the Bachelor program.


Design is argued to be multi-disciplinary and the designer takes part in that process both as a designer and often as a coordinator. While this historically has an origin in the twentieth century, the society has changed and we live in a globalized world and are now even more concerned with sustainability.  I am curious about what doing design together might be in this context and about its artistic foundation. My research topic is Conceptualizing Contemporary Design Doing. The project has a practiced-based research approach and I have conducted a series of multi-disciplinary project courses at UID to explore kinds of doing design together. At the moment I am concerned about what kind of implications design doing has.

Artistic development work

I have conducted an ADW-project between 2007-2009 and explored reflective processes and the tension between design work and artistic work. In particular, I embodied reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action between the moment of interpretation and analysis. To elaborate my design process I conducted a research course in artistic research at Konstfack (Gestaltande forskningsprocesser) in parallel with my ADW. The project was called 'När ditt blir mitt'. In my explorations I used photo material (photo-voices) from homeless people as a starting point for my reflective-on-action process and developed four objects. These were exhibited at Konstfack and UID together with a written reflective report.


När mitt blir ditt (Artistic development work) Konstfack, Stockholm, 2009.

När mitt blir ditt (Artistic development work) UID, Umeå, 2009



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