Nicholas Baroncelli Torretta

BW Nicholas TorrettaPhD Student
Phone: +46 90 786 59 37
Mobile: +46 0729575206


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, I have been moving between cities and countries since the age of 8.

I have been acting on the intersections of Design, Sustainability and Education in different organizations and Universities in Brazil, Finland and Sweden through teaching, project development and research.

I studied Industrial Design in FAAP University in São Paulo, Brazil. There I developed a teaching methodology for Sustainable Design practices for teenagers from economically challenged communities in São Paulo in collaboration with the Design Possível Org, where I kept working for many years.   In 2014 I got a MA degree in Creative Sustainability from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) where I focused on Design Activism and Sustainable Everyday Practices, what led to the creation of the Agents of Alternatives Organization ( In 2015 I moved to Sweden to work at the Interactive Institute (, where I focused on the development of Experiential Learning methods, Tech-Enhanced learning, Participatory Design and among other things.

As a side activity, I have kept independent design explorations on sustainable product design and sustainable musical instruments (here and here powered by lots of coffee and chocolate.

What I do at UID

I contribute to the teaching in the different educations at UID, parallel to carrying out my PhD studies.


I focus on using design for sustainability to transform education to equip people with the abilities needed to support a sustainable society. I am interested in how we learn to learn our position in society and the society around us and how this knowledge can be used for co-development and mutual learning towards equitable resilient futures.

Talk to me about:

  • Sustainability, DfS, Social Innovation

  • Education, Experiential Learning

  • Design Activism, Alternative Movements

  • Participatory Design, Design Anthropology

  • Circular Economy, Upcycling, Circular lifecycles

  • Woodwork, Luthierie

  • Capoeira, Coffe and Chocolate







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