Pamela Gil-Salas

Pamela Gil SalasDoctoral Student


I grew up in a small Caribbean town in Costa Rica, amongst exuberant greenery, with the smell of sea salt within my reach, between torrential rains and tropical sun. A place where reality, fiction, imagination, fable, dream, and myth coexist -an evocative surrounding that slowly brews and concocts the fumes of magical realism. A place tainted by "sub-development" and that emanates "100 Years of Solitude" -this place no longer is but its memory has shaped my life's intent.

And though my convictions are embodied through the memories of this fixed place in the mind they also overlap with the fleeting recollections of a nomadic life since early childhood. A wandering life depicted through an array of landscapes that have instilled a strong sense of socio-economic and environmental justice in me -a form of justice that to this day frames my work and has set the path on which I now embark at UID. 

I hope we can share our insights and address issues that could improve our future together and create radical alternatives for it.

What I do at UID    

I am a member of DCODE, a European network and PhD Program that collaborates with various associated and academic partners -of which UID is part. We will be collectively rethinking the role of design in response to the digitalization of society.


As a member of DCODE, my research topic is framed within the Democratic Data Governance Challenge, I will look into design mechanisms that might enable public deliberation on data use.

Talk to me about  

  • Sustainable design

  • Right to the city

  • Participatory design processes

  • Socialist-feminism theory

  • Intersectionality in data

  • Digital sovereignty