Seda Özçetin

Seda OzcetinDoctoral Student


I grew up in Ankara Turkey in the 80s in an environment characterized by contrasts and struggles. My everydays were filled with music, design, politics, people with very vibrant storytelling skills, food, play and lots of studying, observation, worrying, and caring. These eventually directed me to study design where I could combine the artistic, social, and technical.

I studied industrial design at Middle East Technical University (METU) and received  my bachelor degree in 2005 and master of science degree in 2008. My master thesis was on the role of design exhibitions in Turkey. On the side I worked as an industrial designer in the industry and eventually decided that I should find another direction. My Scandinavian life started in 2009 as I joined a one-year master program in entrepreneurship at Lund University. A year later in 2011, I returned to Scandinavia this time to Copenhagen.

In 2012, together with my sister Şeyda, I started a design studio called Hamide, carrying our dying mother's name and legacy as a homage to her and recognizing her as a designer. Having to return to Turkey in 2018, alongside my remote design work, I started teaching design at various design schools in Ankara (METU, TOBB ETU, TEDU). I created service design course as an elective to industrial design students and also participated in studio courses in first and third year studies. Since 2021 June, I have been working at UID as a Marie Skłodowska Curie research fellow as part of the DCODE Network.

What I do at UID     

I am a member of DCODE, a European network and PhD Program that collaborates with various associated and academic partners -of which UID is part. We will be collectively rethinking the role of design in response to the digitalization of society.


As part of DCODE Network's work package 4 "Democratic data governance", I am specifically conducting research on how we might design alternatives for the Terms of Service (ToS). Currently I am looking at existing ToSs to understand and critique them with the aim to offer design interventions. My overall goal however is to shift to new forms of social contracts that are based on democratic data governance principles, better distribute power and control among stakeholders, and are dynamic and negotiable.


  • I Feel From Passport i within Study Group on Migration Presents, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, January 2017

  • It's Time For Interactive Installation, 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective in Copenhagen, August 2016

  • As Time Goes By Interactive Installation, 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective in Copenhagen, August 2016

  • Deleby Exhibition organized by Dansk Arkitektur Center, Copenhagen Rådhuspladsen, June 2016

  • Taipei Design & City Exhibition 2015 in Taipei Taiwan, Soul of City_Copenhagen Exhibition, August-September 2015

  • Pomegranate #1, Gallery VESS Copenhagen, June - July 2015 (**)

  • 2nd Hamide Days, Leftovers, DANSK Made for Rooms, February - March 2015

  • (**) Organized by Hamide Design Studio

Talk to me about  

  • Design, art, music

  • Design process: methods and tools

  • Service design

  • Inclusive design

  • Data governance and AI

  • Design in relation to urban context, immigration, and sustainability