Asok George

Asok Abraham George moved from India to Sweden to study his masters in Transportation Design. Due to his talent and successful results Asok was invited to work in Gothenburg and the recruitment process happpened even before his graduation in 1999. Today he is a chief designer at Volvo Trucks.

Why did you become an industrial designer?
Designers influence and shape the future, and that is why I decided to become one.

Did you consider any other schools or did you only apply for UID?
I did consider some other schools which offered Transportation Design but I applied only to UID.

What have you been doing since you left UID?
I worked at a design consultancy for 3 years before joining Volvo Trucks as a designer at the end of 2002. Since October 2005 I have been chief designer for exterior design at Volvo Trucks.

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What designs have you been involved in?
All models currently on offer from Volvo Trucks and the recently launched new FH.

If you compare your current job with working for a specific car company, what are the differences?
It has been a challenge to make one's mark in the truck industry as a designer, but the perception that good design is not a major priority for trucks (as it is for cars) has changed.
Is what you do now what you dreamed of doing when you first got interested in industrial design?
Yes, very much so.

What was it like when you started studying at UID?
It was and I believe it still is a very special place where so many creative people from all around the world share ideas, experiences and cultures.

Are there contacts from your time at UID that have been important in your professional life?
Yes, all projects were done in collaboration with the industry and my final thesis project was sponsored by Volvo Trucks.
What kind of advice do you give the students?
Courses and projects are important no doubt, but never forget to have fun as well! It's the journey, not the destination…
Which aspects of your education at UID have been most useful in the job you currently have?
At UID I learnt how to work together with others in a group, as well as how to deliver good results on time. Both of which are essential when working in the industry.
What do you miss the most from your time at UID?
I miss my friends……… the other students, the faculty and staff whom I met and spent 2 years with at UID.
Where do you picture yourself in ten years from now?
Hopefully still having lots of fun shaping the future as a designer!