Degree Project Collaborations

The final term is devoted to the degree project. Outlines for degree projects are similar to the outlines for course projects as described above, but are always carried out individually. That means that between 25 and 35 different projects will be running consecutively with different companies.

Each student chooses and defines the project to be worked on and establishes contact and cooperation with a company. Project definitions are always discussed and refined with the company concerned. An external professional designer is employed as tutor during the course of the project. The company participates during the project when it is relevant for both parties. In several cases the student has spent periods of time working at the company concerned. Each student proposes a budget for his or her project to include costs such as materials, travel and the final exhibition. The results will be publicized in the form of photographs, publications, websites, etc.

Project Examples

Detailed descriptions of recent examination projects can be seen at the online gallery.

Experience from collaboration with industry

Benefit from the student's point of view
- gives students the opportunity to work with interesting and real problems
- gives students valuable contacts with people in the industry for future employment

Benefit from the industry's point of view
- gives the company a number of very creative design proposals
- project results provide a source of inspiration for regular product development
- gives the company the opportunity to pick first-rate designers for future employment

Benefit from the education's point of view
- updated information is brought into the education
- knowledge of the education is spread within the industrial society
- number of students employed by industry is increased

If your company or institution is interested to support design students on their final thesis project, please contact our Director of Strategic Collaboration.