Sound Design

2021 Sound Design in Industrial Design

3-week course



The overall aim of the course is to gain an increased understanding, awareness and experience of how sound can be utilized to enhance the design experience of the form language and user interface of a product. 

Work method

The course includes introductions to both hard- and software exercises related to the creative and technical aspects of sound and hands-on experience on how to generate and manipulate designed sounds. The course ends with a two-week group assignment where Advanced Product Design students and Interaction Design students collaborate across programmes.


The short sound design videos from the group assignment can be viewed below:

Emio - A sound sharing device for expecting couples
Mathilda Karlsson, Arvid Krishna Sushil, Sydney Eilbacher, Christoffer Ulrik Pedersen.


Beyond the Button - A new sound experience and service in public transports
Marian Dembkiewicz, Stijn van Cuijk, Cornelia Hulling.


Beep - The sound of painting music 
Yilin Lyu, Jovan Vulic, Mina Rostami, Ruoyun Wang.


Syne - Design for audio reminiscence therapy
Nathanael Boell, David Bertl, Sinan Altun, Charlotte Carla Michèle Philippe.

globe FM - Listen to the world around you
Barbara Schussman, Linda Marie Kraft, Romy Koppert, Alexander Widua.


Motice - The sound of money
Yuchen Lan, Jakob Kohnle, Dongheng Wu, Yanyi Lu.


Sound Labels - Audio guidance for the visually impaired
Laurenz Simonis, Lukas Gottchalg, Jan van Loeper.



External lecturer:

Andreas Estensen, Sound Designer, Umeå. 

Internal tutors:

Rikard Åström, Research Engineer, Interaction Lab.
Peter Lundholm, Lecturer in graphics and sound.
Ylva Fernaeus, Associate Professor - Interaction Design.

Course responsible and internal tutor:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.